Development of a wearable communication recorder(WCR)

It is important to acquire communication data, which is the main research target in communication research. However, there has never been a system that can record incidental communication that occurs regardless of location.

It has become possible to record communication data for a lifetime because of the cost reduction of information media and the performance of miniaturized computers. However, most of the data is unnecessary. To get the data of the incidental communication, in this study, we have developed a WCR (wearable communication recorder) which does a little video recording to get necessary data.

This system assumes the situation which the place and the time which can be generated in the communication scene cannot be identified, for example, the conversations happened in the hallway while passing by.

In order to get the necessary information without a lot of video data processing, it will have judge whether it is communication or not, and only record the communication process.

Recently, the method using mixed reality is studied as a realization method of distributed meetings with presence. However, it kept unknown how to display an avatar. In the case of mixed reality, avatars’ existence in the real world ‘is a problem.

Tomoo Inoue, Yuriko Kourai, WCR: A Wearable Communication Recorder Triggered by Voice for Impromptu Communication, International Journal of Informatics Society, Vol.2, No.2, pp.57-63, 2010.