Interface Agent for Pseudo Co-Dining with a Remote Person

“Eating alone” has been one of the serious problems in our society as more elderly people live alone, more people work and live separately, and people’s rhythms of lives become more diverse. Although all the existing research assumed that every participant of social dining had a meal, we found the setting that only a part of the participant has a meal is probable and acceptable for solving the problem.The eating behavior of Surrogate Diner, an interface agent that performs eating behavior as a surrogate for a non-eating participant, is based on the actual eating behavior from recorded videos of co-dining.


  • Takuto Shiohara, Tomoo Inoue, Surrogate Diner: An Interface Agent for Pseudo Co-dining with a Remote Person, IPSJ Journal Digital Contents (DCON), Vol.2, No.2, pp.20-28, 2014.8. (in Japanese)