CollabTech 2019

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Welcome to Kyoto, Japan

CollabTech 2019 will be held in Kyoto, Japan. Kyoto is old Japan writ large: quiet ancient temples, sublime gardens and colorful shrines. Kyoto City is the capital city of Kyoto Prefecture, located in the Kansai region of Japan. It is best known in Japanese history for being the former Imperial capital of Japan for more than one thousand years, as well as a major part of the Kyoto-Osaka-Kobe metropolitan area.

Fushimi Inari-Taisha

The sprawling Shinto shrine is arguably Japan's most arresting visual spectacle. Thousands of vermillion torii (entrance gates to a Shinto shrine) line paths that criss-cross this moutain in southeast Kyoto. Visit the main hall and then head up the hill towards the summit. Be prepared to be utterly mesmerised - it's quite unlike anything else on earth. If you have time, do the circular pilgrimage route around the top of the mountain. And don't be afraid to get lost - that's part of the fun at Fushimi.

Gion District

Gion, Kyoto's traditional entertainment district, is the best place in the city to catch a glimpse of 'old Japan.' With no fewer than three geisha districts scattered about, you stand a good chance of spotting a geisha scurrying to an appointment. But geisha are only part of the story here: Gion also contains some of the most pictureque lanes in Kyoto, including Shimbashi, which may be the single most attractive street in all of Asia. And don't forget Minami-za Theater, the city's traditoonal kabuki theater.

Arashiyama Bamboo Grove

Western Kyoto is home to one of the most magical places in all Japan: the famed bamboo grove in Arashiyama. The visual effect of the seemingly infinite stalks of bamboo is quite different from any forest we've ever encountered - there's a palpable presence to the place that is utterly impossible to capture in pictures, but don't let that stop you from trying. If you've seen Crouching Tiger, Hideen Dragon, you have some idea of what this place is about.

Kyoto Imperial Palace Park

Home to the Kyoto Gosho (Imperial Palace), this vast swathe of green in the city cener is a true sanctuary. Often overlooked by tourist, who rush to see the city's temples and shrines, the Kyoto Imperial Palace Park is the perfect place to spend a lazy afternoon reading a book, napping, playing with the kids or picnicking. The variety of trees here is amazing, and there's usually something in bloom.


Talk about eye candy: the gold-plated main hall of this immensely popular temple in north-west Kyoto is one of the most impressive sights in all Kyoto - especially if your tastes run to the grand and gaudy. The main hall rises above its reflecting pond like an apparitiion. If you are lucky enough to be here on a bright sunny day, you almost need sunglasses to look at it. Go early on a weekday morning to avoid the crush of people that descend on the temple eah day.


A paradise tucked at the base of the Higashiyama mountains, Kyoto's famed Silver Pavilion is everything a Buddhist temple ought to be. The eponymous pavilion looks over a tranquil pond, and the expansive stroll garden is sublime. Make your way past the unique sand mounds (used to reflect moonlight into the main hall for moon-viewing ceremonies), then climb the pathway to a lookout that offers panoramic views over the entire city. The autumn foliage here is among the best in the city.

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