Human Interaction is one of the most fundamental activities in our society. Examples are everywhere including collaborative work on the table, conversation through Skype, chat in the virtual space, and opportunistic conversation at the hallway. We study to understand these various social interaction, and invent new media systems that support and enhance social interaction.Social Computing is truly interdisciplinary research field and has been progressing rapidly. Our lab mainly pursues

  • Innovative interactive media systems for communication and collaboration
  • Applicatoin systems that aware users' behavior and context
  • Context-adaptive / goal-adaptive media presentation
  • Analysis of human interaction by means of information technology

Interactive media systems

  • Tangible tabletop interface that integrates physical and cyber
  • Multi modal tabletop interface
  • Tabletop collaboration system that identifies the users and their operation
  • Future dining table that recognizes realtime dining status
  • Mixed reality distributed meeting system
  • Integration of face-to-face and remote meeting by spatial design
  • Rich presentation video conferencing system with automatic professional camerawork
  • BBS that builds social network for loose collaborative learning

Behavior/context aware systems

  • Interactive advertisement system that estimates the attribute of the viewing group
  • Multi-party conversation support system
  • Spatio-cognitive navigation system for pedestrians
  • Mobile learning-content making environment using user's subjective location recognition
  • Activity-aware chat system based on the analysis of remote collaborative learning
  • User's context-aware schedule notification system
  • Walking-speed sensitive information display

Adaptive media presentation

  • Virtual teacher presentation in the mixed reality physical task learning system
  • Video presentation for remote conferencing
  • Gesture communication of feelings through the computer network
  • educational digital content producing environment

Interaction analysis

  • Table talk analysis
  • Mixed reality communication analysis
  • Wearable spontaneous communication recorder
  • Network community mining system

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