Welcome to CollabTech 2012!

CollabTech 2012 will be the sixth international conference on collaboration technologies. Due to marked advances in networking, computing and interaction technologies, we are at the cusp of collaboration technologies being a part of an intricate network of various types of everyday collaborative processes. The conference will provide a platform for the international collaboration technology community to showcase, discuss and deliberate on state-of-the art, emerging new technology developments and understanding the social use of these technologies to improve collaborations.

CollabTech would also like to encourage you to use this opportunity to present challenging studies, which may be at a very early stage of their system development, or their exploration of new evaluation methods, but may trigger exciting technology.


Contributions are solicited in all areas of collaboration technology research and applications. Topics include, but not limited to:

  • CSCW system architectures and applications
  • Web-based groupware
  • Social computing and inter-cultural collaboration
  • Collaborative communication systems
  • Embodied communication systems
  • Shared virtual/augmented environments
  • Smart device-based groupware
  • Computer supported collaborative learning (CSCL)
  • Collaborative entertainment systems
  • Computer supported cooperative design (CSCD)
  • Social science studies on collaboration
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