We are at 7C204 and 7D420. Professor's office is 7D505.

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Regular seminar is scheduled every week. All the members participate and a research group gives a talk. Presentation rehearsals, event calls, conference reports, etc. are also allocated here.


Research discussion is held around once every week for each research group. Various stuff is discussed depending on the research stage. There are scheduled and unscheduled discussions, and some happen spontaneously.

Study group

Occasionally run by volunteers basically. Read and present research papers and books to share.


Student workshop is held every year in summer. This camp is for intensive research discussion and socialization. We will have several labs from a few different universities with over 60 participants.

Joint conference

Joint conferences are held sometimes with other research labs.

Academic presentation

Undergraduate students usually make presentations at academic conferences at the end of the academic year. Graduate students usually make presentations at international conferences, and submit journal papers.


We have unscheduled fun events throughout the year.There are other events run by the lab members.Experiences in the lab is truly priceless. Communication with other members from differenct countries, lifelong friends, and so on can be expected through research activities.




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