Papers & Posters

Full paper 25 min. (17min.+8min.)
Short paper & Workshop paper 15 min. (10 min.+5 min.)

Monday, August 27

Workshop Session I [10:00 - 12:00]
(8 Presentations)

  • Assessing Students' Reactions to Mobile Collaborative Learning: A Cognitive Style Perspective
    Li-Ping Chang, Pei-Ren Huang and Sherry Y. Chen
  • Design Implications for Supporting Students' Conceptualization of Science with New Media Tools
    Daniel Spikol and Nuno Otero
  • Supporting English Vocabulary Learning with SCROLL
    Noriko Uosaki, Hirogaki Ogata, Bin Hou and Mengmeng Li
  • GS-supported Collaborative Learning for Primary School Students' Reading Comprehension
    Chiu-Pin Lin and Su-Jian Yang
  • A Innovative Collaborative Search System: Impact on Information Problem Solving Process and Ability
    Chester S.J. Huang, Addison Y.S. Su and Stephen J.H. Yang
  • A Collaborative Ubiquitous Learning Approach to Improving Students' Knowledge for Classifying In-Field Targets
    Hui-Chun Chu, Gwo-Jen Hwang and Yu-Shih Lin
  • Helping Novices to Learn Alice Programming through Pair-Learning
    Ming-Puu Chen, Nian-Shing Chen and Wan-Nien Chen
  • A Collaborative WebQuest Approach to Improving Students' Learning Achievement in a Computer Course
    Hsiu-Ying Wang and Gwo-Jen Hwang

Conference Session I: Collaborative Learning I [13:00 - 13:55]
(Full paper 1, Short paper 2)

  • Mobile Collaborative Learning and Cognitive Style Grouping (Full)
    Li-Ping Chang, Pei-Ren Huang and Sherry Y. Chen
  • 4D Sandbox-MMORPG for Cooperative Learning in the Historical Context (Short)
    Shun-Cian Jheng, Ju-Ling Shih and Yen-Jen Wang
  • The Creation of A Massive Multiplayer Online Adventure Game for Cooperative Learning (Short)
    Yi-Han Wang, Yen-Jen Wang and Ju-Ling Shih

Workshop Session II [14:10 - 16:10]
(8 Presentations)

  • Effects of Technology-Enhanced Collaborative Writing on Students' Learning in Creative Drama Practice
    Lu-Ho Hsia, Iwen Huang and Gwo-Jen Hwang
  • Development of a Collaborative Educational Computer Game based on a Knowledge Engineering Approach
    Han-Yu Sung, Gwo-Jen Hwang, Chun-Ming Hung and I-Wen Huang
  • A Computerized Concept Map Approach to Conducting Peer Tutoring Activities for a Social Science Course
    Chien-Wen Chuang, Gwo-Jen Hwang and Wen-Jen Tsai
  • Revisiting Kihaus: Reflections on Collaborative Learning in an Architectural Design Studio
    Shen-Guan Shih, Hi-Lian Jeng and Yen-Hong Chen
  • Emerging Challenges, Emerging Trends: On the Use of Context-aware Ubiquitous Technology and Video for English Listening Collaborative Learning Activities
    Gi-Zen Liu, Jing-Yao Chen and Gwo-Jen Hwang
  • A Collaborative Virtual Environment for Situated Language Learning: A case study of English learning in Second Life
    Tosti H.C. Chiang and Stephen J.H. Yang
  • Developing Rubrics for Assessing Questioning Ability in Ubiquitous Problem-based Learning
    Yueh-Hsun Lee, Tsung-Husn Wu, Pi-Hsia Hung and Gwo-Jen Hwang
  • A Formative Assessment Design for Web-based Collaborative Project Learning on Mathematics
    Wen-Yi Chang, Gwo-Jen Hwang, I-Hua Lin and Pi-Hsia Hung

Tuesday, August 28

Conference Session II: Video Streaming and Creativity Support [9:30 - 10:50]
(Full paper 2, Short paper 2)

  • A Streaming Video Modification Method for Improving Visibility of the Content in the Video (Full)
    Katsuhiko Kaji and Nobuo Kawaguchi
  • An Experimental Live Streaming of an Ice Hockey Game with Enhancement of Mutual Awareness (Short)
    Toshihiko Izumi, Hiroyuki Tarumi, Erina Kagawa, Rihito Yaegashi and Toshihiro Hayashi
  • The Effect of Using Photographs in Idea Generation Support System (Full)
    Tomohiro Kokogawa, Yuji Maeda, Takahiro Matsui, Junko Itou and Jun Munemori
  • Basic research on time series of idea generation for reducing idea-creation time (Short)
    Hideki Goromaru, Tomohiro Kokogawa, Takaya Yuizono, Takayuki Higashi, Junko Itou and Jun Munemori

Conference Session III: Co-Dining Support [11:05 - 12:10]
(Full paper 2, Short paper 1)

  • Development of KIZUNA System to Support Time-Shifted Co-Dining (Full)
    Mamoun Nawahdah and Tomoo Inoue
  • Automatic Dish Recommendation System for People Dining Together: The Group FDT (Full)
    Junshan Hu, Yuichiro Otsuka and Tomoo Inoue
  • GiantCutlery: A Dining Table-Talk Medium that Brings Out Mutual-Aid Interactions among Tablemates around Large Platters (Short)
    Kanayo Ogura, Yuta Tanaka and Kazushi Nishimoto

Conference Session IV: Collaborative Learning II [13:30 - 15:00]
(Full paper 3, Short paper 1)

  • Supporting Daily Reflection for Ubiquitous Learning Log Using SenseCam (Full)
    Bin Hou, Hiroaki Ogata, Mengmeng Li and Noriko Uosaki
  • The Design of Shared Display Groupware for Supporting Interdisciplinary Collaborative Learning (Full)
    Chen-Wei Chung, Yunhan Lai, Chen-Chung Liu and Shu-Yuan Tao
  • Formal and Informal Collaborative Learning in 3D Virtual Campuses (Full)
    Mikhail Fominykh, Ekaterina Prasolova-Førland and Peter Leong
  • Designing Collaborative Learning Environments for Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) Students (Short)
    Caroline T.W. Chan and Willy Sher

Conference Session V: Understanding Communication and Work [15:20 - 16:40]
(Full paper 2, Short paper 2)

  • The Measurement of Dialogue: From a Case Study of the Workshop Using World Cafe as a Collective Dialogue Method (Full)
    Masamichi Takahashi, Keiichi Nemoto, Naoki Hayashi and Ryoji Horita
  • User Interruptibility Estimation based on Focused Application Switching (Full)
    Takahiro Tanaka and Kinya Fujita
  • A System for Breaking Poor Posture in Performing VDT Tasks Using Pseudo-Negative Effects Associated with User Actions (Short)
    Mariko Kikugawa and Hideaki Kanai
  • Supporting Context Based Chats for Enterprise Use (Short)
    Tanuj Shah and Joyce Ohgi

Poster Session [16:40 - 17:40]

  • Development of a Massively Multiplayer Online Role?Playing Game for English Learning
    Lu Ting Liu, Jie Chi Yang and Ben Gao Huang
  • A Proposal of Video Communication System in Which Talker's Avatar is Superimposed for a Virtual Face-to-Face Scene
    Yutaka Ishii, Tomohiro Takada and Tomio Watanabe
  • A Context-aware Multimodal Interface for Mobile Learning
    Mengmeng Li, Hiroaki Ogata, Bin Hou and Noriko Uosaki
  • Development of a Travel Assistant System Using Google Maps and a Pictograph Chat
    Jun Munemori, Motohide Terao and Junko Itou
  • Design of GUNGEN-SPIRAL III for Laboratory Management
    Takaya Yuizono, Jiafu Zhou and Jun Munemori
  • Development of Group Discussion Support System Based on Brain Writing Method
    Masashi Okubo, Satoshi Tanaka and Takuhiro Fujii

Wednesday, August 29

Conference Session VI: Augmented Reality [9:30 - 10:45]
(Full paper 3)

  • Collimation Using Transparent Projection Screen for Augmented Environment HUDs (Full)
    Divya Udayan J, Hyungseok Kim and Mu Wook Pyeon
  • Analyzing Interactions between a Pair Out Together Real and Virtual (Full)
    Ching-Tzun Chang, Shin Takahashi and Jiro Tanaka
  • Introducing Gestural Operation of the Viewpoint in a 3D Virtual Space of a Multiple Perspectives System (Full)
    Kasumi Tarukawa, Tomoo Inoue and Ken-ichi Okada

Conference Session VII: Augmented Reality and Collaborative Learning [11:05 - 12:00]
(Full paper 1, Short paper 2)

  • Method of Displaying Injured Person Information with Augmented Reality for Electronic Triage Training (Full)
    Yoshiaki Ando, Yuki Takahashi and Ken-ichi Okada
  • System for Peer Review by Relative Evaluation in Group Learning (Short)
    Takayuki Watabe and Yoshinori Miyazaki
  • A Collaborative Learning Support System for Software Engineering Education (Short)
    Longming Zhang and Atsuo Hazeyama

Conference Session VIII: Collaborative Work [13:20 - 14:35]
(Full paper 3)

  • Cybersecurity Incident Management through Collaborative Security Log Analysis System (Full)
    Hiroshi Kure, Chifumi Nishioka and Ken-ichi Okada
  • Implementing the Coupled Objects paradigm for Supporting Collaborative Applications Programming with HTML5 (Full)
    Nelson Baloian, Jonathan Frez and Gustavo Zurita
  • A Study of Laptop with Projector Camera System for Collaboration (Full)
    Takahiro Suzuki, Nobuchika Sakata, Daiki Matsuda and Shogo Nishida