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Welcome to Interaction Lab. We research on interactive systems and social computing systems for supporting and enhancing human interaction with the understanding of interpersonal communication and collaboration. Motivated candidates for the graduate school and the research students are welcome regardless of nationality or any other distinction. Feel free to contact the lab director by email.

Latest News

2018 Summer Camp

We went to the annual summer camp in August and this year to Nasu!

ICHI 2018

"Virtual Reality Course Based on the SAT Counseling Method for Self-guided Mental Healthcare" was presented at The Sixth IEEE International Conference on Healthcare Informatics (ICHI 2018) held in New York City.

IPSJ SIG-DCC meeting

"Application of Chat Bot to Digital Contents for Self-mental Care" was presented at the IPSJ SIG-DCC meeting in Tokyo.

CSCWD 2018

"Sharing the positional relationship with the bidirectional telepresence robots" was presented in CSCWD 2018