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Welcome to Interaction Lab. We research on interactive systems and social computing systems for supporting and enhancing human interaction with the understanding of interpersonal communication and collaboration. Motivated candidates for the graduate school and the research students are welcome regardless of nationality or any other distinction. Feel free to contact the lab director by email.

Latest News

Interim Presentation and End of Year Lab Party

To celebrate our lab members master student's interim presentation (Yuan-san and Izhar-san) and end of year, we gathered and took lunch together at local Japanese cuisine restaurant. Merry Christmas and Happy You New Year for all.

Interaction Lab. Research Presented @ Joint Seminar 2019

Held in Shibaura Institute of Technology in Toyosu, Tokyo at 12/1/2019, Interaction Lab. of Tsukuba University's researches were presented and discussed with other professors and students from another university in Joint Seminar 2019

CHI 2019

Zixuan Guo, Tomoo Inoue, Using a conversational agent to facilitate non-native speaker’s active participation in conversation, Proc. CHI'19 Extended Abstracts, LBW1216, 6 pages, doi>10.1145/3290607.3313075, 2019.5.

Applied human informatics

Atsuko Matsumoto, Takeshi Kamita, Tsunetsugu Munakata, Makoto Komazawa, Kenichi Itao, Tomoo Inoue, Stress reduction effect in female managers of a self-guided mental healthcare VR content for smartphone based on the SAT counseling technique: a phychological scale and heart rate variability analysis, Applied human informatics, vol.1, no.1, pp.18-37, doi:10.14865/ahi.1.1.18, 2019.2.

Mobile Information Systems 2019_2

Takeshi Kamita, Tatsuya Ito, Atsuko Matsumoto, Tsunetsugu Munakata, Tomoo Inoue, A chatbot system for mental healthcare based on SAT counseling method, Mobile Information Systems, Vol.2019, Article 9517321, 11p.,, Hindawi, 2019.3.