CollabTech 2018


Atlantic Ocean

Sierra, river and sea, excellent gastronomy, renowned beaches and one of the world's most beautiful bays. These are some of the main features of a modern municipality that still preserves and values the culture and history of a region where diversity and quality are everyday nouns.

Heritage, Culture and Gastronomy

On every street, every corner and every alley, there are testimonies of a rich history that is reflected on a vast edified heritage - including palaces, museums, churches, fortifications and fountains.

Sierra and Nature

Setúbal region, with its varied landscape composed of sea and mountains, including a large protected area with an application in progress to UNESCO Human Heritage, is a tourist destination for both Portuguese and foreigners. The region has unique natural conditions with the proximity of Natural Park of Arrábida and Natural Reserve of Estuário do Sado to practice activities that combine visits to wine cellars in direct touch with nature and heritage. The variety is remarkable.